When you say farming, many would think that farming is always done in rural areas. Few know that even farming in the city is now made possible. With vertical farming, everyone can get the opportunity to have their own farm even if they are living in the city.
Every year, the world’s population further increases which also means that there is a pressing need to find sustainable solutions to address food security and food scarcity. Many experts think that vertical farming is one of the solutions to the problem.
With vertical farming, it is now possible for anyone to grow crops. This innovative solution makes use of hydroponic technique where the seeds are placed in a water and mineral solution. By using this method, you can now grow crops for the whole year. Compare to traditional farming where you need to have a larger piece of land, it is different with vertical farming since you need to create skyscraper.

There are so many benefits that you can get with vertical farming. For one, you can grow any crop that you want. From planting fruits to vegetables, you can have your own produce without having to worry about weather changes. Second, you are guaranteed to have crops that are pesticide free. You can be sure that the crops are organic and free from any toxin.
In terms of the start-up cost, it can be a bit expensive. But if you are going to weigh the costs in the long run, you can actually reduce costs. Just imagine growing your own food, you can definitely save a lot. It is a cost effective alternative especially for those who want to reduce their food consumption cost.

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