Vertical farming is now widely used by farmers. For those who are interested to learn vertical farming, we offer a comprehensive farmer training program. Through our vertical farming training program, aspiring farmers and those who want to get to know more about vertical farming can get a comprehensive and complete education. There are so many benefits in enrolling in the program. We have experienced farmers and experts who will equip you with the necessary knowledge, skills and tools that you need to succeed. After taking the program, graduates get to have a certificate.

Learn more about vertical farming starting from the basics to finally getting the most of your facility and the use of various farming methods and techniques that you can use to succeed in vertical farming. Our expert farmers who have extensive experience in vertical farming can provide you with the necessary things that you need to cultivate your plants.

Apart from the education program being offered, there are also workshops where you can participate and interact with other farmers who also want to learn more about vertical farming. Whispering Dove Farm aims not just teaching students to learn vertical farming but as well as sustainable food production.

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