Every food that we eat, we owe it to the farmer and to experts who have worked so hard to come up with different means and ways to grow and produce crops. As the globe’s population continues to increase, it is essential to address the problem of food security.

At Whispering Dove Farm, we believe that vertical farming is one of the most effective and efficient solutions to secure food production in the future. Using technology and recent developments in agriculture, it is now possible for any one whether you are a farmer or a newbie to cultivate plans even if you are not in a rural area. The term was coined by Gilbert Ellis Bailey. Unlike traditional farming where you need to have fertile soil and a bigger land area, vertical farming takes farming to the next level. Even when you are in the city, you can have and develop your own farm.

Our mission is to provide farms and individuals to learn more about vertical farming. We encourage you to access our site for valuable resources that will help you get to know more about vertical farming, the techniques used, methods and other pertinent information that can help you succeed in growing your crops.

At Whisperingdovefarm.com, we create a platform where everyone can participate and interact for the growth and development of vertical farming. Learn from our experts and educators. With their extensive experience, we can help you acquire the knowledge that you need to be successful in your vertical farming venture.